Emrah Altintas, born 1st of August 1987 in Istanbul. His interest Arts first started on the streets. At the age of 12 Emrah has started designing Illustrations in his mind and then making them alive on the walls with graphite.

The Opposition being standard and being creative made him to modify all of the clothes he owned, this showed his ability towards designing and the passion he had for design was what he wanted to do in future.

After successfully Graduating High School with excellence and gaining University Entrance, in 2004 Emrah decided to study Faculty of English Language and Literature. But Emrah’s University adventure has only lasted 2 weeks. Emrah has choose to enter in to the textile industry which was also a family business for him.

Completing 2 years of Fashion Design education and with the experiences he had. A young determined Emrah has established a confection brand which still continues to export to Russia.

In 2008 Emrah continued his education in Anadolu University and studied Faculty of Sociology and graduated in 2012. Moreover, he has also graduated from Istanbul Fashion Academy – Fashion Design Technology.

With an outgoing personality Emrah has also served as a manager of the Design Team
on Industrial Leading Confection companies.
At the same time, he is also Styling. He enjoys listening to Electronic music, and also
likes to play “Ney” which is an end blown flute mainly used in middle eastern culture.
For Over 2 Years he Continues his career in Hong Kong..